Steffan Griffiths BSc, MSc is the youngest ever weatherman on Wales’ national channel, S4C, after starting his presenting career straight from university at 21 years old. Over the last 6 years, Steffan has flowered into, and continues to be one of the main faces of S4C Weather.

Having graduated with an undergraduate degree in Physical Geography, and later a postgraduate degree in Glaciology from the world-renowned Aberyswyth University, Steffan is more than a presenter. Due to his experience out in the environment whilst conducting fieldwork during his studies, and filming in some of the most pristine places on earth, including New Zealand, Nepal, France, Wales and Switzerland, Steffan can give a deeper understanding to his audience of the weather and climate processes that have a profound affect on Wales’ weather.

As a familiar face, he appears on a near daily basis giving concise forecasts to the nation, and presents in an enthusiastic and warm manner to the audience. Working alongside and closely with the Met Office, Steffan provides the most detailed possible forecast, and has years of experience presenting both live and pre-record.

Further, In recent years Steffan has developed into a factual documentary presenter, having co-produced and presented several documentaries including, Everest Steff a Daf (2017); Crwydro Clwyd (2018), Newid Hinsawdd Newid Byd (2019), and Y Berwyn (2019).

As a result of the above and due to Wales’ public obsession with the weather, Steffan regularly participates in after-dinner speaking talking of his experiences in the television industry and of his time in the field in some of the most pristine places on earth. Further, he roams the country on school visits to spread and increase knowledge of all things weather and climate! If you would like to contact and book Steffan for an event, his details can be found here.