Steffan Griffiths BSc, MSc is the youngest ever weatherman on Wales’ national channel, S4C.┬áHaving graduated in Physical Geography from the world-renowned Aberyswyth University, Steffan gained employment in the world of weather before even graduating, as a weather accuracy analyst for S4C.

Due to his love of weather and geography, Steffan quickly made an impact and gained quick promotion, as within 4 months of employment, he gained promotion as a weather presenter on the channel.

As a familiar face, he appears on a near daily basis giving concise forecasts to the nation, and presents in an enthusiastic and warm manner to the audience. Working alongside and closely with the MetOffice, Steffan provides the most detailed possible forecast, and has years of experience presenting both live and pre-record.

However, as continuously learning is important to Steffan, he carried on with part-time, postgraduate studies in Glaciology, concentrating primarily on the impacts of climate change on the cryosphere, and subsequently, the weather and climate. This led him to some of the most pristine places on earth to conduct field-work, including Southern Alps of New Zealand, French and Swiss Alps in Europe, and Wales.

Due to his weather presenting, scientific background, and his understanding of the challenges that we face with climate change, Steffan regularly participates in after-dinner speaking and visits schools to talk about his experiences and to spread and increase knowledge of all things weather and climate.