Steffan presents seven forecasts a day with the main bulletin following the 19:30 o’clock news on S4C. At 27, he is the youngest, and main weather presenter on the channel with his scientific background adding that extra element to the viewer at home.

With an adaptable style of presentation, Steffan also does live outside broadcasts in some of the country’s biggest annual events each year.

With his natural and relaxed, but professional presentation style, Steffan is well received by viewers, and is often referred to as ‘warm’ on screen.

Steffan also produces and presents items for the biggest magazine programme of the country,¬†reporting on any weather, geographical, or environmental related story. His first item proved to be a success, as within a day, the item turned out to be the most viewed item on S4C’s online content.

As well as engaging with viewers through the screen, Steffan often enjoys visiting his audience in person, roaming the country giving talks and presentations in schools and various social groups, widening their weather and geographical knowledge.