During his time in higher education, Steffan has been fortunate enough to undertake field-work in some of the most pristine places on earth conducting research for various projects.

He has enjoyed working on glaciers and surrounding areas in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Switzerland Alps, and the French Alps.

During this time, Steffan carried out some geomorphological mapping, studied glacier recession in a warming climate, the influence debris-cover on a glacier surface has on air and surface temperature, surface melting, and diurnal variability of discharge, turbidity, and electrical conductivity in a proglacial stream.

By seeing, analysing and experiencing these different processes at first hand, the influence mountain ranges and glaciers has on the atmosphere became even more alive and understandable.  It is upon these experiences that Steffan occasionally uses to transfer information to his audience on-screen in an understandable manner, especially as Welsh weather is very often influenced, or certainly enhanced by its mountainous topographic nature.